Maze Runner Review

After hearing such good reviews about the film and book of Maze Runner from friends, I felt the need to watch the film myself and to my dismay I was not disappointed.

As the film first started, I was confused by what was happening as the beginning scene started with an adolescent boy (Dylan O’Brien) in an elevator with no other information being provided to the audience. This of course sparked my interest to know what was going to happen and the consequences soon to come. After the elevator had emerged upon the surface the boy was greeted by a group of young men who were taunting the character of whom we knew was to be the protagonist. The camera angle within the scene allowed us to understand that the protagonist was lower than the rest of the group and would have to earn his place, however, it also allows the audience to understand that they are more powerful than the rest of the boys as the angle is above making the audience feel more powerful and the group seem less superior than what they are to the protagonist.

Maze runner